PDA/Smartphone Quarter 2 market figures.

Canalys have released the European sales figures for Q2. The figures they produce include PDA's and smartphones together so give us a good relative view of how Symbian devices are doing.

Unfortunately Symbian seems to be slipping with total share of the market dropping from 139,545 (units)21% of total market in Q2 2001 to 64,480 and 13%. Nokia's sale slipped slightly from 69,195 and 10% to 59,220 and 12% (so their market share has actually increased ). A lot of the total slip in Symbian sales is because Psion have effectively pulled out of the PDA market. HP now move to the top as the biggest individual PDA manufacturer largely due to including the Compaq IPAQ share. Palm remain the biggest OS supplier overall.

Canalys point out that its early days for new devices such as the 7650 and O2 XDA. As they were released late in Q2 they wont have effected the figures much. They expect these devices to have much more effect in Q3. However they treat these new devices with caution as they think they are too expensive for the mass consumer market. They also think the pricing structure for MMS is too high.

I'm not so sure about this. I think it depends on how you classify a mass market device. Expensive smartphones won't sell as much as cheap non smart ones. However I suspect the market will be much bigger than the existing PDA market! So I think Symbian's figures will improve a lot with the 7650 and hopefully P800 in Q3.

Published by Rafe Blandford at 10:51 UTC, July 24th

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