New: Rayman for the 92x0 now availble

The console Blockbuster is now out for 92x0. Trial and purchase at Handango. Get ready to experience pure gaming pleasure on 92x0. For the first time on a phone, a major character from traditional video games world...

With Rayman, enjoy on more than 30 levels, exciting action, humor, sound effects, musics, and crazy cartoon- like graphics.
Features :[list][*]Game Richness : 8 worlds, and 31 levels, full of animations, and cartoon-like graphics. [*]Game Play originality : based on Rayman body and its magical abilities (Punching, Grabbing, the Helicopter...). [*]Quick and Intuitive control : provides great sensations & highly enjoyable to players! The game is accessible to everyone! [*]Highly attractive Universe offering a huge cartoon-like action game.[/list:u]

It needs a hefty 4.1 MB of space for 31 levels, music and sound effects. The Internet required to register the full game. It costs $25

You can purchase it at Handango (affiliate link).

Published by Rafe Blandford at 17:40 UTC, July 23rd

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Platforms: Series 80