New: Mind Game for the 7650

Mind Game is available for $5 on Handango. It is an implementation of the classic logic game sometimes know as Mastermind. Its the perfect game for that spare 5 minutes on the train, and is third program for the 7650.

[quote="Handango"]There are several features to make the game more or less challenging. When you start a game, each of 4 slots will be assigned one of 3-8 colors. The colors of each slot are chosen randomly; duplicates are allowed. You will then be given the opportunity to guess what the correct color sequence is. There are clues to report the correctness of your guess. You are given: A red light for correct ball on the socket that does not have correct labourhood ball. A yellow light for pair of balls that have a correct labourhood but the two pies are not in the correct order or they are in the correct order but not in the correct slot position. A green light for a correct pair of balls that are in the correct order and correct position. Each of your successive tries and the corresponding clues are listed, so you can examine your previous attempts in order to decipher the code.[/quote]

Published by Rafe Blandford at 18:10 UTC, July 23rd

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Platforms: Series 60