New: Mahjong Tower for the 7650

Available on Handango is Mahjong Tower for the Nokia 7650 from Mobile Gamer. Its very good value at just $5. It's not true Mahjong, but rather the remove the tiles from the tower game.

[quote="Handango"]It is a game where you have to remove as many of the tile as possible from the playing board, as the rules allow. Tiles are removed by selecting them in pairs that match. They then vanish, revealing other tiles to be removed. Tiles can be removed from horizontal edges to horizontal edges or from vertical edges to vertical edges. Any tile that is not on the edge of a group is deemed to be blocked, and therefore cannot be removed until one of the four side it have themselves been removed. The tiles are arranged randomly in each new game. Not every tile set can be fully removed. So if you get stuck and run out of moves, try restarting the same tileset and removing the tiles in a different manner.[/quote]

Published by Rafe Blandford at 18:06 UTC, July 23rd

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Platforms: Series 60