New: Ais Tetris for the Nokia 92x0 from Epocware

Epocware have released Ais Tetris. This brings a favourite classic Tetris game to Nokia 92x0. It uses the screen turned vertically for maximum playability. The cost is $14.95 (trial available).

The Epocware website has also had a very nice redesign.

From Epocware:
Download Ais Tetris game if you want to play a really good game at your Nokia 9210/9290 device. Ais Tetris is a must-have colorful game for the fans of classic Tetris. Ais Tetris has 7 start speeds and 2 figure sets that give you 14 difficulty levels, plus such features as sound level adjustment and possibility to save top scores. Any time you can pause the game, switch to another application and then return to the game and continue it. Your goal is to adjust the blocks so that they could form lines that will disappear. The more lines disappear at a time the more points you get. Classic Tetris game Ais Tetris will bring you hours of fun and pleasure.

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Published by Rafe Blandford at 11:04 UTC, July 23rd

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Platforms: Series 80