Interesting News from Expansys - P800 Availability September

Expansys have recently added some interesting information to their P800 page about a visit by Ericsson people during which they were shown a beta version of the P800 phone...

[quote="Expansys"]23 July 2002 - Ericsson were kind enough to come over to Expansys today and show us some beta test units of the P800 - I have to say that they are excellent, deliveries are expected to start in September and the specification has been upgraded since the original announcement to include a built in MP3 player and Memory Stick Duo slot. The phone will ship with a 16Mb Memory stick included in the box and it will have 12Mb of internal RAM as standard - quite astonishing for a phone

It has tri-band GPRS communications capabilities and includes Bluetooth. Symbian OS 7.0 provides support for mobile Java applications, MMS, web browsing, WAP and i- Mode. It includes a suite of PIM applications, viewing software for popular office documents and can store up to 200 digital images.

With the P800 it is possible to take digital pictures, view them on the 208 x 320 pixel colour screen, store them in the photo album and send them as an e-mail to a PC or as an MMS-message to another phone. The P800 can also show a colour picture of the person who is calling, for that personal touch.

The P800 offers the possibility of downloading and viewing video clips such as a sequence from a sports event, music video or movie trailer. The P800 is also an organizer, it can handle daily operations such as calendar, e-mail, address book and to-do-lists. All these features can easily be synchronized with the most common office applications on a PC. The P800 enables to take notes and view files such as Powerpoint, Word or Excel. Thanks to Bluetooth™wireless technology, the P800 can be connected wirelessly to a Bluetooth™ headset, a PC, or other Bluetooth™-enabled gadgets.

The P800 runs on the latest version of the open operating system, Symbian OS v7.0 and incorporates the recently announced UIQ pen-based user interface. As the P800 is open, one can download applications, such as games, based on Java and C++. This opens up possibilities in several applications areas and it means that consumers will be able to update their handsets regularly with new applications and content.

The P800 is open in more ways than one. Its integrated browser can access the web (HTML and xHTML), c-html and WAP. Furthermore, the P800 can be used across five continents and in around 160 countries as it runs on GSM 900/1800/1900. [/quote].


Published by Rafe Blandford at 10:47 UTC, July 24th

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