Coming Soon: AstroNix from Symbianware

Symbianware are turning into prolific developers. They are currently previewing another forthcoming game in addition to Pit Runner. Saving the galaxy is the aim of the game.

There are some great screenshot on this page of the Symbianware website and they describe the game as:

[quote]Enemies from another Universe are going to destroy the Milky Way and threaten the Galaxy with a severe star shower. The Earth provides you with a spaceship to prevent the catastrophe. You have to release every sector of the Galaxy from asteroids by fettering them in a force field. During the campaign you may visit shops to buy the necessary equipment (shields, freeze bombs, rays of cold, new ships etc) [/quote]

Coming mid-August

Published by Rafe Blandford at 20:28 UTC, July 19th

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Platforms: Series 80