Beta Testers wanted for Mobile Repton

MASABI are look for volunteers to help beta test Repton Mobile for the Nokia 7650 and other Symbian phones.

Anyone who came into contact with a BBC Micro in the 1980s will surely need no reminding about the iconic green lizard and his quest for diamonds. Can any other game have been responsible for so much late homework?

For those that don't know, Repton is the ultimate thinking man's arcade game requiring dexterity to complete its arcade-style elements, and clear logical thinking to solve its strategic puzzles.

In essence, Repton traverses mazes retrieving treasure from cleverly- constructed traps of falling rocks whilst avoiding the fearsome monsters and haunting spirits. However, it is impossible to explain the appeal of the game in words: you have to play it to understand!

The timeless game was phenomenally succesful across all age groups:
"One of the biggest groups of Repton addicts are housewives. Once their husbands and children are safely out of way, on goes The Life of Repton and another couple of screens are sorted out."
Richard Hanson (MD of Superior Software) in Micro User, May 1990

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Thanks to Mobile Musings for the heads up.

Published by Rafe Blandford at 10:50 UTC, July 13th

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