Active Desk for 7650 now available via Handango

Recently announced Active Desk for the Nokia 7650 is now available for purchase and trial download via Handango. Probably the single most impressive 7650 program so far?

Active Desk is the ideal solution to personalise and customise your Nokia 7650 imaging phone. The application allows you to fully customise the display - including choosing wallpapers ("skins") and text colours. Active Desk provides five information and feature rich, customisable views of the key information stored on you Nokia 7650, including calendar entries, to-dos and messages. The combination of customisation and personalisation makes Active Desk the essential add-on for the Nokia 7650.

Active Desk and the Nokia 7650 take personalisation to a new level. Capture the moment with the built-in camera, and immediately use the images as a wallpaper in Active Desk. A different wallpaper can be set for each of the 5 views provided by the application, increasing the level of personalisation possible. You can even configure Active Desk to play a sound file during startup of your Nokia 7650 phone.

Active Desk is fully integrated with the Nokia 7650, and acts as a third "home" application. After the installation of Active Desk, the Menu key will switch between Active Desk, the Phone application, and the Menu application. This effectively keeps all your key information and primary functionality one key press away.

Active Desk can be purcahsed via this Affiliate Link at Handango.

The Cibenix website contains a great preview of the program and will shortly be updated to reflect its release.

Published by Rafe Blandford at 20:39 UTC, July 19th

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