New versions of Delight firmware released for Nokia 808, N8 and C7

You may remember that I'd been experimenting with Delight custom firmware on the likes of the Nokia C7? Well, the next big version of the Delight firmwares is out, simultaneously for the Nokia 808, N8 and C7, see the links below. I installed it on the Nokia 808 PureView and have been impressed so far.

NB: As with flashing any firmware from scratch ('Refurbishing'), you'll lose the contents of your system disk (C:), so remember to sync/backup data as necessary beforehand. Applications are best installed from scratch, so make sure you've got the relevant SIS files and (perhaps) Nokia Store login details to hand.

First of all, the links you'll need.

Delight 1.2 for the Nokia 808

Delight 6.3 for the Nokia N8

Delight 6.3 for the Nokia C7

Flashing tutorial (with extra links)

The changelog varies slightly according to device, but I went for the 808 version 1.2. The actual flashing (refurbishing) process went very quickly and only took a minute or so, though I already had the right version of Phoenix installed and all relevant USB drivers were already in place on my Windows 7 laptop.

After flashing, my Nokia 808 showed 599MB free on the system disk and free RAM after booting was 301MB, which is all rather impressive, to say the least!

Screenshot, Delight custom firmwareScreenshot, Delight custom firmware

A clean look for Delight all round, packed with every Symbian update and widget imaginable...

Screenshot, Delight custom firmwareScreenshot, Delight custom firmware

The default theme is Nokia Evolve (though see below), note ROMPatcher+ and the Xtras folder...

Screenshot, Delight custom firmware Screenshot, Delight custom firmware

For the really geeky, plenty to play with in ROMPatcher+; (right) note that theme transitions can now be turned off - Hooray!

Screenshot, Delight custom firmwareScreenshot, Delight custom firmware

Delight comes with three themes - this is the Delight theme in place, very slick, though heavily stylised; (right) the alternative 'TransBelle' theme...

Screenshot, Delight custom firmwareScreenshot, Delight custom firmware

Two standard Symbian screens with the Delight theme in place.

Although not apparent in static screenshots, there's lots of attention to detail and tweaks which wouldn't look out of place on the latest iOS 7 or Android devices - flashing transitions and bevelled toolbars. It remains to be seen how much of these stay in place on my device (theme transitions, although very slick, might be first to be axed!)

Some selected highlights from the changelog:

These are all, of course, on top of the existing extensive additions made for earlier versions of Delight, including:


In addition to the performance benefits and other tweaks listed here, the advantage of custom firmware at this stage in Symbian's life is that it's easy to install 'unsigned' applications, low level applications which won't be able to be signed at all after January 1st 2014 because of Nokia's Store close-down to new content. In addition, you're also completely independent of Nokia's own firmware track - which seems to have stalled permanently anyway. You're now on the Delight firmware track - and, indeed, can in theory update using 'Update software' in Phoenix rather than having to refurbish.

Comments welcome.

Published by Steve Litchfield at 11:12 UTC, October 16th

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