The ZingMagic story

There's a nice piece over on the Nokia Developer blog highlighting the story of ZingMagic, a long time favourite developer here at AAS for polished native Symbian games. The piece covers how the company got started, how its games are built and recent success with advertisement-sponsored versions of its games.

From the piece:

In 1994 when ZingMagic started, the primary mobile device was a Psion Series 3 PDA, Palm had yet to release their PDA devices and Symbian hadn’t even been developed. With only a handful of part-time developers creating third-party applications for mobile devices, founder John Holloway concluded there was a significant business opportunity. With two friends, John set up what later became ZingMagic to focus on creating mobile-optimized versions of classic board, card and strategy games, such as Chess, Backgammon and Bridge.

Seventeen years later, ZingMagic is an award-winning company with a portfolio of more than 20 different apps across major smartphone platforms. In 2002, the company was awarded the first ever BAFTA in the Interactive Entertainment, Mobile Games Division for their Chess app on early Symbian-based phones.

See also Yacht II, a recent ZingMagic game review here on All About Symbian.

Published by Steve Litchfield at 14:16 UTC, December 9th

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