Symbian DevCo puts individuals at heart of Symbian Foundation

Yesterday, a new non-profit organisation, Symbian Developer Co-operative (DevCo), announced its existence and that it had joined the Symbian Foundation. It aims 'to raise the profile of individuals within the Symbian community and give individuals a full voice in the governance of the Symbian platform'. As a member of the Symbian Foundation, Symbian Developer Cooperative has the same rights as any other member.

This means its participants can stand for election to Symbian's councils, which govern the evolution of the platform, become package owners, who act as code gate-keepers, and generally influence the shape and future direction of the platform.

For the individual, joining the Symbian Developer Cooperative, which is free, offers a unique opportunity to become involved at the very heart of the Symbian platform. It also underlines Symbian's position as the most 'open' of the major mobile platforms, in terms of both access to governance and future evolution. 


The Symbian Developer Cooperative say:

"We plan to be rebellious, loud, challenging, critical and outrageously creative – right at the heart of Symbian governance."

In more detail:

"The primary aim of DevCo is to give its Associates the opportunity to be heard at the heart of Symbian, exert their rights as members of Symbian and influence the future of the platform. We are building DevCo from the ground up and you can have a major influence. Change our ideas! Challenge our assumptions!"

Participation in Symbian Developer Cooperative is open to all and is free of charge. To become an Associates you will need to fill in this application form and agree to some legal documents. We would recommend that Symbian developers and anyone with an interest in the future of the Symbian platform consider joining Symbian Developer Cooperative.

As a member of the Symbian Foundation the organisation, and individuals, as Associates of the organisation, are able to take advantage of a variety of benefits. These include attendance at regional, members only Symbian networking events, access to the Symbian members' introduction service, ability to become a Symbian package owner, ability to be nominated to a set on a Symbian Council or Board of Directors.

Additionally as a member of Symbian Developer Cooperative you'll be entitled to a email forwarder and a listing in the Associates Directory.

More information is available on the Symbian Developer Cooperative website.

Published by Rafe Blandford at 21:58 UTC, July 20th

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