A compelling reason to stick to a dark theme on your Nokia N85 or N86

It's not everyday that you learn something - I've known for a while that a) OLED displays are supposed to be more power efficient than TFT and that b) the brighter the colours, the more power is actually consumed. But I hadn't realised the scale of the problem until now, with hard evidence from a semi-official Nokia source. Read on for links and comments by me. Summary? On a OLED-screened smartphone, a pure white theme uses 14x as much power as a pure black one! 

Here's a diagram from the original Forum Nokia post (you may need to log in to read it):

What a great little piece of research! Some notes (by me):

Definitely food for thought - this little study deserves plenty of publicity!

Steve Litchfield

Published by Steve Litchfield at 14:20 UTC, June 7th

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