AAS #03: John Holloway (ZingMagic) at The Smartphone Show

Ewan talks to John Holloway, the man behind ZingMagic.

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Long before Symbian, there was Psion, with small PDA organisers - and Joh Holloway awas there to build their ROM. Fast forward 20 years and he's still working with the evolved OS that is now Symbian. ZingMagic's product will be familiar to a lot of people, thanks to being in the firmware of all the Pxxx phones with a number of games (including Chess and Homerun/Patience). I caught up with him at the recent Smartphone Show to talk about how that has happened, why it isn't the Holy Grail of a programming house, and his favoruite PDA/Smartphone of all time.

Published by Ewan Spence at 10:01 UTC, November 16th

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