AAS #02: Lars Linstrom on UIQ 3 Devices

Lightning speech by Lars Lindstrom (from Sony Ericsson) on UIQ 3 devices (P990, M600 and W950) at the AAS Pub Meet. Includes the question and answer session which followed.

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After Rafe's speech at the All About Symbian Pub Meet, our featured guest Speaker was Lars Lindstrom, from Sony Ericsson, who came along to show off the latest Sony Ericsson UIQ 3 devices, including the P990, M600 and WM950. We opened up the floor to questions as well, and while Lars was given a tough ride, he was very honest (regarding the device delays 'we underestimated the complexity,' essentially). So thanks Lars for coming to the pub meet (very brave) and agreeing to be recorded. Thanks also to all those who help set this up. 

All About Symbian's review of the M600 can be found here, the review of the P990 here and the preview of the W950 here.


Published by Rafe Blandford at 14:08 UTC, November 15th

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