AAS Insight #232: Sharing updates and 'Symbian lives'

In All About Symbian Insight number 232, Steve, David and Rafe talk about the 'Sharing' software update for Nokia Belle Feature Pack 2 devices (Twitter and Flickr). We also cover Google's Exchange ActiveSync deadline, a WLAN software update from Beta Labs, SPB TV 3.0, and an explanation of recent (brief) site outages. The second half of the podcast is around the discussion point "Symbian lives"...

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This podcast was recorded on Thursday 31st January 2013.

In this podcast we cover:       

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PS. [Steve] To anyone who disbelieves my 808 battery life anecdote, I should point out that I run it on 2G mode only most of the time, that Profile Scheduler puts it in Flight mode overnight automatically, that I had been working on home, so very little cellular activity, and that all media and gaming had been done on the Lumia 920, which I was using for AAWP duties... 8-)

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