Eco-champions: Fairphone 3+ is a trivial DIY parts upgrade from the '3'

Lumia 950 and Nokia (S60/Symbian) owners will like this one. In terms of taking the back off, replacing battery and other components easily, there's a lot to like about the Fairphone 3, launched originally last year, in 2019, and reviewed by me over in Phones Show 386. Well, Fairphone just announced the Fairphone 3+ and the kicker is that it's just a Fairphone 3. With upgraded cameras and microphones that are still separate modules and also available to buy for existing owners, for a nominal 70 Euros. Turning the '3' into a '3+' in just a couple of minutes with the provided cross-head screwdriver!  Now, just imagine the whole industry using this philosophy more...


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