Five YEARS after Windows 10 Mobile's wireless Continuum, Samsung's DeX looks to go wireless too

Yada yada. Same old story. But it bears repeating. Symbian's smartphone OS and Nokia's hardware was way ahead of the competition for half a decade, from 2004-2009, arguably. Then we had Windows Phone, again ahead in responsiveness and UI, along (again) with Nokia hardware innovation. We all know how the story played out here, but I'd argue that the Lumia 950/XL were also ahead of their time in some ways, in 2015. Both in their imaging hardware and algorithms but also in the Continuum system, extending the OS to use Desktop UI elements and hardware through a dock, a simple cable or - in this case - over Wifi.  I used Continuum wirelessly many times to compatible monitors, TVs and adapters and, five years later, Samsung's rival DeX desktop system is also (apparently) about to get a wireless option. So welcome to the desktop party, Samsung.


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