The Cosmo Communicator - first look

AAS and AAWP readers often love 'communicators', phones with built-in 'QWERTY', and I've now had my first hands-on with the Cosmo Communicator, in retail form (albeit the Japanese variant!), and can report that it's faster, better, sturdier, and with a cover display, much as the Nokia Communicators of old did.

The Cosmo Communicator is the follow up to the Gemini PDA, of course, adding camera, external screen and keyboard backlight, the three biggest user-requested features from the Gemini.

Specs include:

I did a quick video to showcase it, click through if you want higher resolution etc.

An impressive, if chunky device. It's all about the keyboard really though - this is for wordsmiths on the move. How about you?

Cosmo with N97 and E7

The Nokia N97 (top left), Nokia E7 (bottom left), with the opened up Cosmo Communicator, for size comparison...

Published by Steve Litchfield at 8:02 UTC, November 13th

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