Never mind 43MP, never mind 64MP, here's 108MP!

High megapixel phone cameras were a thing back in 2012 when Nokia announced the famous 808 PureView (43MP), then this got refined for the Lumia 1020 in 2013, but there was then a massive five year gap until other manufacturers got into the game with 40MP and 48MP sensors in 2018. And now, in late 2019, we have the slightly ridiculous 108MP in a sensor, announced by Xiaomi but sourced from Samsung, it's assumed.

Mind you, despite the new sensor being pronounced as 'monstrous', Nokia 808 owners should take amusement from the fact that it's still physically smaller than that in the original 808 PureView (which was 1/1.2") and only marginally larger than that in the Lumia 1020 (1/1.5")...


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