Hands-on at CES with the Cosmo Communicator

Linus Tech Tips posted a video which I thought might be of interest, one of the first with hands-on with the new Cosmo Communicator, the followup to the Gemini PDA, covered on AAWP last year. I have my own sources at Planet Computers and I'll be doing my own hands-on once they've made a prototype with fully working external display. Watch this space!

The Cosmo Communicator is the follow up to the Gemini PDA, of course, adding camera, external screen and keyboard backlight, the three biggest user-requested features from the Gemini.

Specs include:

Linus Tech Tips grabbed the latest prototype, with just a slideshow running on the external display, and it made for an interesting video for anyone steeped in the likes of the Nokia Communicators from the 'old days'!

See the Indiegogo page here. The Cosmo Communicator should be available mid-2019 and you can save quite a bit of money if you get in early, etc.

Published by Steve Litchfield at 15:54 UTC, January 14th

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