The Psion Series 5 reborn? Running Android, but hey...

I realise that this is tangential in interest for both AAWP and AAS, but both communities have long been interested in QWERTY-based devices, so.... Plus Symbian was the successor to EPOC/32, which is what the original Psion Series 5 PDA ran. So there's a connection through. The Gemini PDA is by the designer of that Series 5 and is currently up as an Indiegogo project, with a month to go. Will there be enough interest to create this thing? It runs Android or Linux and, well, they don't seem to have a fully working prototype yet, so who knows how it will run, but the specs are high. Very interesting!

Here's the Gemini PDA web page and below is the promo video:

Very telling that in almost all the video the device is shown from the back or bottom. The screen is supposed to be touch-enabled and one would hope for a stock-ish build of Android. Or hey, what about booting this thing into Windows 10 of some variety?

Here are the official specs:


It all looks extremely early days, I'd estimate that this would be around a year away from retail even if the Indiegogo campaign is fully funded. Still, interesting - they had me at 'stereo speakers'!


Published by Steve Litchfield at 16:59 UTC, February 27th

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