F1uptodate updated and ready for F1 in 2014!

It's here - the 2014 Formula 1 season, starting tomorrow. And, naturally, along with it comes a whole new version of the popular Symbian app 'F1uptodate', with stats, countdowns, galleries and more.

From the description in the new AppList Store:

F1uptodate provides all basic features you need as a Formula 1™ fan, including driver and team infos, a calendar, (unofficial) live data, championship standings and results.

Now at v2.2.445, taking F1uptodate for a spin before tomorrow's first practice session:

F1uptodate screenshotF1uptodate screenshot

Note the live countdown until the next official action; (right) part of the news feed from the FIA and other outlets

F1uptodate screenshotF1uptodate screenshot

Pretty and responsive browsers for the main team and driver line-ups, all stats updated!

F1uptodate screenshotF1uptodate screenshot

There's plenty on each circuit too, each hyperlinked from the relevant calendar entry; (right) Autosport's Twitter feed is integrated for use during on-track action.

Very impressive. You can download F1uptodate from the brand new AppList Store for Symbian here.

Published by Steve Litchfield at 8:23 UTC, March 13th

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