cuteTube updates now more frequent, ex-Store

Another week, another cuteTube update for Symbian, or so it seems, such is the frequency of app updates now that the developer, Stuart Howarth, is free from the need to go through Nokia Store Q&A and official signing. In fact, Stuart acknowledges this below. Update v1.9.5 is a minor update, adding in extra YouTube playback and download resolutions.

From Stuart:

cuteTube 1.9.5 adds two additional low resolution video formats for YouTube (240p and 144p), following user requests....

It's ironic that the closing of Nokia Store to application updates might result in more frequent updates, without having to worry about QA and download limits. :)

In future, I plan to present a changelog inside the application and give users an option to either proceed with the update or abort.

Good stuff, some screens below of the update in progress, and confirming that you don't have to uninstall the previous version anymore - the old Store version (and its Symbian ID) will be well and truly gone on most AAS reader's smartphones by now.

Screenshot, cuteTube updateScreenshot

Upgrading is a question of tapping 'Close', tapping on 'x' (to close the app) and then tapping on the installer in the root of your mass memory (E:) - the new version overwrites the old one quite happily, as you'd expect.

Published by Steve Litchfield at 18:15 UTC, March 10th

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