The very last CuteTube update.... in the Nokia Store

You'll remember that, a week ago, we had an update to YouTube client CuteTube, introducing a system for updating itself outside of the soon-to-be-frozen Nokia Store? This hasn't been switched on at the developer's server yet, but in the meantime there's a final, important update to CuteTube in the Store itself, fixing up the playback of VEVO music videos. With the deadline for new submissions to the Store almost upon us, v1.9.1 of CuteTube will now be the one that people download initially from 2014 onwards - with updates delivered independently up on application startup. 

Here's CuteTube 1.9.1 in action, with the update showing in the Nokia Store - for the last time - and showing discovery and playback of VEVO Music videos again (after YouTube and VEVO's back-end changes):


You can buy or update CuteTube here in the Nokia Store. If you haven't bought it yet then please do, developers who are still this active in the Symbian world need all the encouragement they can get.

Comments welcome if you're reading this after Stuart Howarth, the developer, has thrown the switch at his end and you get this update directly from CuteTube....!

Published by Steve Litchfield at 13:10 UTC, December 11th

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Platforms: Symbian^3