Huellif utilities update batch

Free applications, especially with the Nokia Store about to be frozen, have the side benefit that their signed .SIS installers can be downloaded directly. Listed below are utility developer 'huellif's applications, all of which are free, updated in the last 24 hours and worth grabbing.

Screenshot, utilities

As shown above, here are the Huellif utilities concerned, which you may wish to grab? There are no changelogs, so consider them bug fix updates only.

Just as a reminder, you can download the signed SIS installer for any free application or game in the Nokia Store by signing in and then adding "/download" to the URL after the application number. This is partly how AAS has built up its own archive of applications, but no doubt you have many of your favourites archived too?

Watch this space for more free applications, including a number that were previously fully commercial.

Published by Steve Litchfield at 11:44 UTC, December 3rd

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Platforms: Symbian^3