NewAlarm is tiny, quick and convenient

It's probably appropriate that small 'back filling' utilities like NewAlarm appear just before the Nokia Store freezes for good - it's a nice idea from Fabian Hüllmantel, saving time if you set alarms often. Yes, it's only a tap or two saved if you had ready access to the Clock application anyway, but if (like me) you only ever use Clock for setting alarms, then why not cut out a step or two?

Here's New Alarm in action. Yes it's tiny (only 44k!), yes, it's somewhat trivial, but it also turns out to be practical and useful, so....


Picking New Alarm from the list of apps available for shortcuts and (right) the app shortcut in place on a home screen....


One tap and it's into the dialog to create an alarm. This is in fact deep linking to the same place in the OS that Clock uses, as can be verified by looking at Clock (right) afterwards - there's the new alarm, waiting to go off.

You can download New Alarm for free in the Nokia Store or grab the unsigned version here at Symbian Developers (if you have a device with custom firmware).

Published by Steve Litchfield at 16:56 UTC, November 18th

Section: Flow
Categories: Apps
Platforms: Symbian^3