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It's all very well playing with the Delight firmware on your Nokia 808, C7 or N8, but what on earth does that mysterious 'Delight' application tucked away in 'Tools' do? The functions aren't exactly intuitive, but don't despair, for Eric Dempsey, the guy who helps put the Delight firmwares together, has popped up with a fairly detailed breakdown of every function and every options. Plus a few tips. A must-bookmark for all Delight users.

From Eric's article:


 The Classic Resolver is called classic, because it is the actual mods that "resolved" most of the problems that could occur. The idea's and mod scripts were mostly made, gathered and intentionnally written by Soni a.k.a nicesoni_ash. 

 Language & Garbage Cleaner will look through C: E: & F: drive and clean out all un-used language resources and some caches. The caches will fill up on a day to day basis, and the un-used language reources are over-installed by apps.

 Language Changer is for people who decide to use a different Ui / Language flashing file and don't want to lose all their settings, data & installations. (see Info under: More explanations 1. at the bottom of this page)

Selector is probably the most used part of the Delight app, and you will like it A LOT. It is the part, that can change a lot of settings back to default, if you don't like the Delight default widgets, skins, mods, menu's +++.   More explanations will follow by the screen shot

Reboot the phone is just exactly as it says. A reboot is needed for some mods to take place and this is just the easy way to do it.

Registry Backup/Restore - backs up the Sisregistry files that are made after installing apps. Its needed for people who want to restore their apps after hardrestting the device.

Widget Fixer - Problems with widgets? run this and all widgets and widget settings will be reset. Homescreen settings will stay untouched

Cache Cleaner - Problem with slowness or lags? or just want to clean the systems caches? - then run this

Menu Fixer - Problems with Menu? Icons missing or incorrect? Menu will be reset

USB/MTB Fixer - Problems with connecting your phone to your computer? Driver loading errors. Use this and Windows will re-search for the drivers

Clean Music & Gallery Library - Damaged Music Library or Gallery Images corrupted? - after this, phone will rebuild the index from scratch

Reset / Fix Profiles - Problem with Profiles? this will reset it to default

Problems with T9 / Predic / saved typed words - this removes all the entered words you ever typed and sets it back to default

Reset / Fix Alarms - Problem with Alarms? all alarms will be reset (not reminders)

Reset / Fix Homescreens &Widgets - this will reset the homescreens and add widgets to the widgets list, if you flashed via Software Update. The widget list must be re-written in this occassion

Reset / Fix Camera - Problem with camera? Reset it to default settings? run this

Read the whole thing here.

For what it's worth, I installed Delight on my Nokia 808 last month and haven't looked back. Zero problems, faster operation, more space and greater future proofing (in that it can now install 'unsigned' applications). I plan to put Delight on the N8 next - watch this space.

Oh, Eric, if you're reading this, where's the best place to get the same level of documentation about ROMPatcher?

Published by Steve Litchfield at 15:30 UTC, November 6th

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