What is GoDB and First Steps

ConsignTech, makers of the GoDB programming system, introduce GoDB Lite for Symbian and link through to some first step tutorials.

GBasic (GoDB)

GoDB is a multi-platform rapid application development tool for developing handheld and wireless applications.

Applications developed once on the GoDB platform can run on devices ranging from Handheld to Laptops to Desktops and on all popular Operating Systems like Symbian (UIQ, Communicator series, Series 60, et cetera), Windows Mobile (Smart phone, Pocket PC, CE), Palm OS, Windows, Linux (Embedded & desktop), etc.

We call the language - GBasic

The GStudio IDE has the following components.

  1. Form Builder

  2. Simulators for devices/PCs

  3. Integrated source level debugger

  4. Single click SIS Packaging

What’s GoDB Lite?

GoDB Lite is targeted at developers looking to develop simple applications, utilities and 2D Games for Symbian Series 60

h Commands for sending receiving SMS, System Level notification (GPRS/IR/BLUETOOTH/BATTERY).

h Commands for Making Receiving Voice Calls, Playing Video and Audio (Embedded in the app / Launched separately).

h Commands for Switching to other Apps and views.

h Commands for Enumerating Contacts and Groups.

h Support for Sprite animation for Game development.

h Support for HTTP Web services, Native Device access (Comports, GPS, Bluetooth Smart Card etc.).

h Support for Push Services over SMS and TCP/IP.

h Support for external C++ Components controls to be embedded in forms and extending functionality.

Yes. You get to play around with your Symbian device. But note that for any database/enterprise application, you require the GoDB Enterprise Edition.

For more details, see www.consigntech.com

Getting Started

Lesson 1:

Creating Hello World Application


Lesson 2:

SIS file creation:

Well, if you are happy with your creation,


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