So What Does QD Really Stand For?

What's in a name? Quite a lot - so what's up with the stange new worlds of the N-Gage Family? Here's some quick and dirty commentary for a Friday afternoon.

Quick! Duck! The new N-Gage is here, and after we got the obvious questions out the way, there remained one more pressing matter. What does QD stand for?

Well it is a quaint device, in comparision to the original. It's quite dinky, and the quirky diction style of side talkin' was quickly destroyed. And yes, the ringtones include a quiet ditty.

The N-Gage is the quintessential design of the quality dialler, which is something that should be qualified directly into the Hall of Fame. That last thing you want in the second device is a questionably dull machine.

What's quite disturbing is that this little QD Pie is nothing like an aggresive cartoon character. It's not as quietly defensive as the first device, which was a quotable disastrous, but is a much more quality design. It's a quick dialler, and you can use it to go on online and query data in the N-Gage Arena (a quite delectable space for multiplayer gaming and quick discussions).

It's questionably dainty, and in certain parts of central London (like the launch in Leicester Square) it's a queer's delight. Quality and Decadance is not something that can be quantified decimally. So we're not scoring it here, because that's quickly done, and we like to spend time questioning decisions.

There is a query of what to call the original device mind you. The quality definition from Nokia is that the first device is the N-Gage, part of the N-Gage family, and the new device is the N-Gage QD, which is the latin for qua que die (every day). We know this because we asked the Nokia VP at the launch event. So could someone let Engadget's Nokia PR Guy know?

I still think the first device should be called the N-Gage Classic, but Rael Dornfest actually discovered the naming route Nokia are taking. If you assume the first device is "N-Gage TOS" after The Original Series, it makes much more sense. Because "The N-Gage" is just TNG - The Next Generation.

What's the betting we get N-Gage DS9 for Christmas 2004?

Published by Ewan Spence at 23:53 UTC, April 20th

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