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This is our privacy policy for the mailing lists and for any other things we might get your e-mail address for. Summary? - We hate spam as much as anyone so lists will only be used by AAS Staff.

All About Symbian ( respects the privacy of our readers. We will not collect your personal information without your implied or expressed consent or knowledge. We may however collect certain information for lawful purposes related to the service that we provide, such as when a user takes part in a survey or signs up for a mailing list, and/or other services.

In such circumstances, we will inform you of the purpose for which these information is being used. We shall not, without your specific written consent, disclose specific personal information to any third party.

Visitor information will only be available publically in statistic form. It will not be possible to relate this to an individual visitor. Please note that the webmaster though the use of server logs is able to track an individual visitor. However this information will not be publically available.

As part of All About Symbian services we send emails to those who have subscribed to our mailing lists. You may unsubscribe to such mailing lists without any obligation.

Rafe says: I hope that this is clear - Basically all the Admin Staff (myself included) I hate spam as much as anyone and have a full set of filters in our mail clients. I will only use your information when sending you information about this site. You can remove yourself from any mailing list any time you like. If you have any problems please contact me.

Published by Rafe Blandford at 18:20 UTC, August 25th

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