Information for Software Companies

We are strongly against Software Piracy and 'Warez' on the internet. If you are a software company (or interested party) please help us by reading this information.

All About Symbian is committed to the online Symbian Community, helping both the community to grow, and to provide a central resource for Companies and individuals to meet and share ideas.

We have a very strict policy against warez and other form of illegal software. We do not allow them at all and police this strongly (you can see the rules here).

No illegal software of any kind is allowed on All About Symbian. However sometimes things do slip through the net. This can be a particular problem in the Forum where forum members can post information and files without first checking with the AAS Staff.

We do have a Moderating Team (who work alongside the Admin Staff) keeping an eye out for abuse on the Forum, but in the event we miss something we would ask you to contact us and let us know so the information and or file can be removed.

You can contact us directly or use this e-mail address - - please include details so that we can take prompt action.

Published by Rafe Blandford at 18:21 UTC, August 25th

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