Three years on: What's in Steve's phone-centric toolkit? (2020)

Three years ago, I let the world know what was in my mobile IT kit, the accessories I group together in the house and take with me on any serious journey to family etc. What inevitably happens in all locations is that, as the 'tech guy', I'm the one people turn to connect A to B, to adapt C to D, to provide power in the middle of nowhere, you get the idea. I'm sure the same is true for you! In compiling this, hopefully of interest and with helpful hyperlinks, I was surprised by just how much had changed, with more capable items replacing older tech, etc.

From my original intro:

Over the years I've reviewed dozens of smartphone accessories, maybe even hundreds. And I've reviewed a fair number formally here for AAS and AAWP. But, of this mass of plastic, metal and, often, lithium, which accessories really made the grade? Which ones do I personally carry around with me on any trip out of the house of more than a few hours? Here's a glimpse into my standard kit.

Here's the same kit briefcase but exploded in summer 2020 form:

Steve's must-have gadgets 2020!

Note that:

I'll start with the stuff in front of the case. Working left to right:

And inside the briefcase in the photo:

So that's it. The small pockets at the bottom of the case 'top' have emergency medication, first aid stuff, biros, business cards, and so forth. And, when I'm at an event or conference, post-Covid-19(!), a few high energy snack bars!

Not shown above:

Comments welcome, of course. What do you carry your 'kit' around in, and do you have any special recommendations of your own?

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