What's in Steve's must-have accessories toolkit?

Over the years I've reviewed dozens of smartphone accessories, maybe even hundreds. And I've reviewed a fair number formally here for AAS and AAWP. But, of this mass of plastic, metal and, often, lithium, which accessories really made the grade? Which ones do I personally carry around with me on any trip out of the house of more than a few hours? Here's a glimpse into my standard kit.

Steve's 'kit'!

Shown above really is my kit, it's the case I take more or less everywhere with me and the only difference is that:

I've been asked numerous times what I really, truly use, so here it all is - I'll start with the stuff in front of the case - which normally goes in my wallet or in the case or in its document flaps, as appropriate. Working left to right:

Now for the case contents, and I'll try to work left to right again - you'll work out what's what!

And finally, in the case on the right, three power banks - hey, this is me, I like redundancy in this area. So that when a family member or friend needs a boost, I can hand over one of the smaller gadgets and know that my main charge store is untouched!

So that's it. The small pockets at the bottom of the case 'top' have emergency medication, first aid stuff, biros, business cards, and so forth. And, when I'm at an event or conference, a few high energy snack bars!

Comments welcome, of course. What do you carry your 'kit' around in, and do you have any special recommendations of your own?

Published by Steve Litchfield at 7:06 UTC, July 28th

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