A 'Composite multi-transport' device? Yep, Symbian to the rescue - again

Obviously I'm 'preaching to the choir here', but I noticed a label in a Windows dialog yesterday and it brought back some happy memories of ways in which the super-versatile, super-flexible Symbian OS has helped friends out in ways that I'm sure other mobile OS would baulk at... Your comments and testimony welcomed too!

You see, I plugged in my (now two year old!) Nokia E6 into Windows 7 (to do some map updates) and saw the following dialog:


It was Windows description of the E6 that caught my eye. 'Composite Multi Transport Device'. I'm not sure what Windows means exactly here, but it triggered memories of the many times being a Symbian user has saved the day, in terms of the versatility at getting data in and out.

Purely off the top of my head (I'm sure I could rustle up many more examples):

In fact, I do rather take such flexibility for granted that it comes as a total shock when I try and plug in an iPhone or Blackberry or modern Android phone and things don't 'just work', or I try and Bluetooth a file from one of these to another device and get an error message. For a decade of Symbian, USB disk transfers and Bluetooth beaming has always (very nearly) worked first time. 

Yes, Symbian's older as an OS and thus more mature, but the lack of 'multi transport' in its newer, rival operating systems does annoy me sometimes. I can't believe getting files and objects from A to B is still rocket science....

I and others often evangelise Symbian smartphones for their multitasking, their battery efficiency, their gadgets (camera, FM transmitter, USB on the go), their better build quality or components, their offline mapping prowess (when no other smartphone's maps even load because there's not enough signal), their use of profiles (for instant switching between groups of settings). But a big a factor, for geeks like me anyway, is the sheer versatility.

'Composite Multi Transport' indeed. I don't care how geeky that sounds. To me it's just plain useful.

Now, over to you, what testimonies do you have of how the versatility of Symbian (which, contrary to popular opinion, is still alive) saved the day?

Published by Steve Litchfield at 14:28 UTC, March 3rd

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